NdFeB permanent magnet material.
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NdFeB permanent magnet material

The NdFeB permanent magnet material is called the "magnet king". It was discovered in 1983 and began industrialization in Japan, China, and Europe and the United States at the same time in 1985. It has been 35 years since then. In the past 35 years, the global NdFeB permanent magnet material industry has developed vigorously. Its magnetic properties have continuously set new records, material varieties and grades have been continuously increased, industrial technology innovation has been changing with each passing day, and the output of materials has increased rapidly.
NdFeB permanent magnets are tetragonal crystals formed by neodymium, iron and boron. According to the different production processes, they can be divided into three types: sintered neodymium iron boron, bonded neodymium iron boron and hot-pressed neodymium iron boron. Due to the different production processes, They have big differences in product magnetic properties, post-processing and applications.

Sintered NdFeB

Sintered NdFeB is the product with the largest output and the most widely used in the NdFeB family. It is produced by powder metallurgy, and is divided into N, M, H, SH, UH, EH and TH according to the different coercivity of the product. Series. The sintered NdFeB that has been commercially produced has a remanence of up to 1.45T and an intrinsic coercivity of up to 2786kA/m. The operating temperature is between 80° and 200° depending on the coercivity. Sintered NdFeB is easy to be oxidized and corroded, so surface treatment is required. According to different requirements of the use environment, surface treatment methods such as phosphating, electroplating, electroless plating, electrophoresis, and vapor deposition can be used. Common coatings such as zinc, nickel, Nickel copper nickel, epoxy resin, etc.