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ST Magnet Co., Ltd.

ST Magnet Co., Ltd. is

Neodymium magnet manufacturers and High performance NdFeB Magnet factory in China

which engaged in the production of NdFeB magnets. Customized Neodymium magnet Production & service. The products cover the following fields: electric vehicles, industrial motors, clean energy (wind, hydropower). With more than 20 years of experience in the field of magnetic materials, it has an annual output of 6 million sets of various motor magnets. The company is able to provide customized magnetic material module solutions according to customer needs.

The product has unique performance and first-class quality, and our partners are excellent companies in their field, enjoying a high reputation in the Chinese market. The company is adjacent to the Hangzhou Ring Expressway, only 10 kilometers away from the airport and downtown Hangzhou, with convenient transportation and geographical location. Warmly welcome you to visit and guide.

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material module solutions

ST Magnet