The influence of the number of magnets on the motor.
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The influence of the number of magnets on the motor

Everyone knows that the number of magnets contained in different types of motors is different. For example, some motors require 10 magnets, but some motors require 5 magnets. Will the number of magnets affect the performance of the motor? ? The magnet manufacturer will talk about the influence of the number of magnets on the motor.
The motor moves in a circular motion, and each slot of the stator can be regarded as a side of a polygon. The closer the polygon is to a circle, the smoother the motor runs. The torque output is also more uniform. Each time the iron core of the stator passes through the magnetic steel, when they face each other, the force is greatest!!
With the same design, the more magnet pole pairs, the more effective copper consumption, and the greater the torque. For example, the torque of a 13-inch 30-magnet motor is higher than that of a 10-inch 55-magnet. This is the reason.
The motor torque is produced by the combination of the magnetic field strength of the magnetic steel and the magnetic field strength generated by the stator in a unit current. Generally, the increase in the magnetic steel strength is reflected by the height of the magnetic steel, and the stator magnetic field is determined by the number of turns in the unit inner coil!
Determine whether the motor torque is strong or not depends on 2 points;
1. The height of the magnet and the material grade of the magnet.
2. Whether the stator silicon steel sheet material and the stator winding group are full of slots and equal turns
The greater the number of equal turns, the greater the magnetic field obtained per unit current, that is, the greater the torque.